Souk Design is a young, ever-growing, and ambitious business that is captivating the shopping tastes of people around the world.  But we are more than that. SoukDesign will forever remain true to its' rich roots. By purchasing from SoukDesign, you are not only beautifying your homes and lives with majestic, hardly obtainable Moroccan handmade works of art but also encouraging and rewarding the matchless efforts of local artisans. SoukDesign prides itself on promoting the work of such humble but wildly creative businesses and independent designers who have the utmost respect for their fascinating cultural heritage, which is perfectly reflected in their work. We are therefore a proud company that is dedicated to offering a more thoughtful and meaningful shopping experience. At the end of the day, SoukDesign will make you feel you are strolling through the endlessly beautiful and culturally vibrant narrow alleys of the famous souks (Arabic term for these flea markets) of Marrakesh, Fes, or Tangier.