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 RABAT Leather  Pouf is an excellent Moroccan pouf made out of 100% Genuine Leather.

This bit of craftsmanship will unquestionably include a particular, extraordinary and appealing touch to your place.
This Moroccan pouf is an adaptable household item that accents your space with magnificence and usefulness.
It very well may be put in a room, lounge room, powder room, or other space all through the home or office.
Regardless of whether utilized as a side table, footrest or footstool, hassock, or its most standard use as extra seating, your space will be graced with a piece that will start up captivated discussion and esteem.

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- Ethically sourced and carefully assembled in our Workshop in Tangier, Morocco

- Made with 100% Genuine Leather

- Comes with a Zipper on the base

- Shipped unstuffed to guarantee the most reduced conceivable conveyance costs

- Size: 12" in Height x 21" in Diameter / 55 x 30 cm

Filling Your Pouf:

Your pouf can be loaded up with nearly anything you need to hand, polystyrene balls, scrunched up papers and plastic packs, or old apparel and textures, for example, sheets. It is an eco-accommodating approach to go through materials you may have put away at home for reusing. On the other hand, your neighborhood furniture upholsterer should have the option to supply reasonable stuffing materials.

      • step by step instructions:
  1. Ensure the material you are utilizing is spotless and dry.
  2. Unfasten the pouf and open it out to itʼs full shape.

  3. Start by bit by bit filling the edges of your pouf to guarantee that all the little spaces are completely stuffed. This will forestall air spaces framing in your completed pouf.
  4. Keep on including stuffing uniformly guaranteeing the sides and creases are rounded out.
  5. If it's not too much trouble dodge over-filling your pouf as this could put a strain on the zip when shutting, yet after some time as your pouf makes camp it very well may be beaten up with all the more filling.

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